SMAW Machines (400A – 4 & 200A - 1) 05nos.
TIG and ARC Welding Machine 02nos.
MIG Welding Machine 02nos.
Plasma Cutting Machine (Manual – up to SS 25mm)01nos.
Air Compressor (3 HP) 01nos.
Angle rolling Machine (Capacity up to 150x150x10mm ) 01nos.
Pug cutting M/C 01nos.
Magnetic Drilling M/C (1-1/4”) 01nos.
Pillar drilling M/C 1-1/2” 01nos.
Pillar drilling M/c 1-1/4” 01nos.
Hydraulic Jack (50MT) 01nos.
Hand Shearing (2mm thick for MS) 01nos.
Band Saw Machine 01nos.
Lathe (400mm , 8Ft.) 01nos.
Rolling Machine (10mm, 1.5m length) 01nos.
Hydraulic Press H-Frame Type (100MT) 01nos.